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QMSC is a network, mostly an informational blog, separate from my main employment as a Registrar Auditor, where there can be a public discussion of related topics as they arise – a place where Management System professionals can learn about trends and tools for their standards of choice.

You’re here, so you probably know what Registration or Certification means and have some familiarity with one ISO standard or another – ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 – there are many and more.

But, just in case, these standards define what a company is required to do in order to be considered capable of one thing or another. For example, in the case of ISO 9001, a company must demonstrate it can consistently provide something the customer wants (without breaking any laws) and in so doing, make the customer happy. One could say ISO 14001 is similar in that it considers The Environment as the customer. ISO 27001 applies to an information security management system (ISMS) that protects informational assets in a way that gives those who care, confidence – that the information is safe. How many ISO standards are there? Near as I can tell, somewhere between three and three-million.

What I do, as directed by my handlers, is go to various companies all over the planet and compare how they do things with the ISO standard they claim to comply with. If they do, they get a piece of paper saying they are “Certified” to that standard. If they don’t then they make some changes and usually eventually get there. They want this piece of paper either because they have a big customer who says, “Get that piece of paper or we’ll go someplace that will” or because the company thinks it will make them better (I believe it does) – or both.

The ins-and-outs of that, particularly the answer to, “What gives you the right….?”, are not necessarily complex but there are a few pieces and players we’d have to delve into and plenty for a blog post all on its own.

The thing about what I do though, and why QMSC.net is here, is audit. I look at paper and screens, talk to people, watch widgets churn out of machines and make comparisons BUT when I find something the company does that doesn’t match what the standard says – I write it down (it is a “nonconformance”).

I don’t, because it is against the rules of the game, tell the company how to fix a nonconformance. Even if they comply but they could do it more efficiently or generally better I can only say, “Gee, that looks like it hurts, you might try some other way.” In this regard my hands are tied.

So, this is a place where I can take the binds off a little, as long as I’m careful not to single-out a particular client or specific operational situation; keep things generic and publicly available. In fact, if a client were to implement something I’ve described here, I could still go there and say, “Hey, you got that completely wrong!”

Won’t that be fun? Glad you’re here to share in it.

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